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If you require dentures, come to A.J. Bridger today. I can provide you with dentures that will make it easier to eat and speak, and make you feel comfortable smiling again, greatly improving your quality of life.

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I'll use the highest quality materials and latest techniques to create dentures custom-fitted to your mouth, so they will look and feel natural and comfortable. I also offer denture repairs and adjustments if they are ill fitting, cracked or broken.

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Trust A.J. Bridger for complete dentistry services, for yourself and your entire family. I'm happy to work with nervous patients to put them at ease, and with 30 years' experience, I am happy to answer your questions. Call me today to book

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If you're self-conscious about smiling, don't worry. I will fit you with dentures that are so comfortable, and look so natural, no one will even know they're not your own teeth.

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